EAP 097 Academic Research

Campus Location:
Georgetown, Dover, Stanton, Wilmington
Effective Date:
ESL 042 and ESL 044 and ESL 046, and EAP 093 or concurrent, or EAP 094 or concurrent, or EAP 095 or concurrent, or ENG 101 or concurrent, or ENG 102 or concurrent


Course Credits and Hours:
2.00 credits
2.00 lecture hours/week
0.00 lab hours/week
Course Description:

This course prepares non-native speakers of English for success in college-level studies by introducing the research process and further developing the writing skills needed for college classes.

Required Text(s):

Obtain current textbook information by viewing the campus bookstore online or visit a campus bookstore. Check your course schedule for the course number and section.

Additional Materials:


Schedule Type:
Classroom Course


Core Course Performance Objectives (CCPOs):
  1. Retrieve information from print and online resources. (CCC 2, 5)
  2. Use information from print and online resources. (CCC 4, 5,)
  3. Synthesize information to compose a research paper. (CCC 1, 2, 4, 5)
  4. Discuss the aspects of the research process. (CCC 1, 3, 4)
  5. Use professional and academic standards in research-based writing. (CCC 1, 4, 5)

See Core Curriculum Competencies and Program Graduate Competencies at the end of the syllabus. CCPOs are linked to every competency they develop.

Measurable Performance Objectives (MPOs):

Upon completion of this course, the student will:

  1. Retrieve information from print and online resources.
    1. Select an appropriate topic of research.
    2. Identify appropriate databases for the selected topic.
    3. Use key search words and strategies.
    4. Explain each article’s relevance to the selected topic.
    5. Archive the most relevant resources.
  2. Use information from print and online resources.
    1. Summarize the main idea and supporting details.
    2. Identify relevant information that supports the selected topic.
    3. Identify gaps in sources and information to support selected topic.
  3. Synthesize information to compose a research paper.
    1. Organize information coherently.
    2. Paraphrase information effectively.
    3. Incorporate paraphrased information into the research paper.
  4. Discuss aspects of the research process.
    1. Discuss the selected articles.
    2. Present research findings.
    3. Respond to questions about the research findings.
    4. Reflect on the research process.
  5. Use professional and academic standards to compose a research-based writing.
    1. Define plagiarism.
    2. Adhere to American standards of academic honesty.
    3. Use American Psychological Association (APA) standards of formatting and style.
    4. Employ proofreading and editing strategies.
Evaluation Criteria/Policies:

Students must demonstrate proficiency on all CCPOs at a minimal 75 percent level to successfully complete the course. The grade will be determined using the Delaware Tech grading system:

92 100 = A
83 91 = B
75 82 = C
0 74 = F

Students should refer to the Student Handbook for information on the Academic Standing Policy, the Academic Integrity Policy, Student Rights and Responsibilities, and other policies relevant to their academic progress.

Final Course Grade:

Calculated using the following weighted average

Evaluation Measure

 Percentage of Final Grade

Formative: Process writing activities/assignments (5-8) (equally weighted)


Summative: Prompt and reading-based writing assignments  (4-8) (equally weighted)


Summative: Multisource synthesis writing/paper (1-2) (equally weighted)   


Formative: Writing skill assessments (3-4) (equally weighted)




Core Curriculum Competencies (CCCs are the competencies every graduate will develop):
  1. Apply clear and effective communication skills.
  2. Use critical thinking to solve problems.
  3. Collaborate to achieve a common goal.
  4. Demonstrate professional and ethical conduct.
  5. Use information literacy for effective vocational and/or academic research.
  6. Apply quantitative reasoning and/or scientific inquiry to solve practical problems.
Program Graduate Competencies (PGCs are the competencies every graduate will develop specific to his or her major):


Disabilities Support Statement:

The College is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the campus Disabilities Support Counselor to request an accommodation needed due to a disability. A listing of campus Disabilities Support Counselors and contact information can be found at the disabilities services web page or visit the campus Advising Center.

Minimum Technology Requirements:
Minimum technology requirements for online, hybrid, video conferencing and web conferencing courses.